Date of Birth: 2, Apr, 1953.

Education: Ershuei Elementary School

Place of Birth: Ershuei Township , Changhua County

Current Profession: Director of Dong Zso Inkslab Art Museum

The most influential people to me: Father, Dong Ren-Shen

Seniority of Inkslab-carving experience: 30s years since childhood

Awards : Awarded several times, please refer to my chronological work lists

Down to earth
It was wisely said that Those living on a mountain shall live off the mountain; while those living nearby the water live off the water. Indeed, as I grew up in the vicinity of the Chuoshuei River , the stones on the riverbed supported the livelihood of my family. Since my remembered childhood, I used to stay around my father and watched him chiseling an ice-cold hard stone step by step into a n inkslab. Perhaps, I was imperceptibly influenced by what I saw and what I heard since then, and that was the reason why I felt strongly enthusiastic to be a sculptor, due to an invisible link with Luosishih .

Down to earth ,2002